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Malfunctioning Signage Sends Customers Elsewhere

Your commercial signage is important. It’s often the first interaction customers have with your business and, as we all know, first impressions matter.

A malfunctioning sign has the potential to send potential customers to a competitor. It can also prevent regular customers from even finding your business.

That’s why SIGN MAN does one thing: sign repair in Hederson, TX and the surrounding area. If you have a malfunctioning sign, use our simple online order form to get your sign repaired today.

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Sign Repair Company In Henderson, TX Since 2002

SIGN MAN was founded in 2002 with an old Suburban, a few ladders, and a dream. We’re dedicated to helping local businesses, and we always strive to learn more about sign repairs to better serve you.

Over the years, we’ve become proficient with repairing almost every style and type of sign businesses use, including neon.

We’re confident we have a repair technician that can help ensure that your signage–no matter the style–is functioning perfectly.

More About Sign Man

Channel Letters

SIGN MAN can fix both the electrical systems and letters that make up your channel letters.

Monument Signs

Monument signs often have several components, and SIGN MAN can repair all of them.

Lit Pole Signs

Your lit pole sign advertises your location, and SIGN MAN can ensure that it’s always working.

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Commercial Sign Maintenance

Cabinet Signs

SIGN MAN can repair every part of your indoor and outdoor cabinet signage, including electrical parts..

LED Signs

LED signs require a specialist, and SIGN MAN is one of the most trusted in LED Sign Repair in Tyler, TX.

And More

Want to know if we can fix your sign? Contact us today or use our convenient online quote process.

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Neon Sign Repair In Henderson, TX


Neon has been popular since it was first used as a medium for signs in 1910. While neon is certainly eye-catching, it can also be difficult to repair. Neon sign repair is almost a lost art.

The technicians at SIGN MAN have taken the time to study neon sign repair and we provide a neon repair in Henderson, TX.

Sign Repair Throughout East Texas & Louisiana

SIGN MAN offers commercial sign repair in Longview TX, Tyler TX, Shreveport LA, Bossier City LA, Texarkana TX, Lufkin TX, Nacogdoches TX, and across East Texas!

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