Don't Let a Broken Sign Dim Your Success

Is your business sign flickering or completely out? Don’t let a broken sign cost you customers.

At SIGN MAN, we specialize in commercial sign repair services that restore your Kilgore, TX, signage to its full brilliance. From neon signs to LEDs, our sign technicians have experience fixing them all.

Contact us today to schedule your sign repair and keep your business shining bright.

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Sign Repair Company Serving Kilgore, TX Since 2002

SIGN MAN started back in 2002 with a few ladders, an old Suburban, and a big dream. Today, we proudly help local East Texas businesses shine, and that means constantly honing our sign repair skills (neon signs included).

No matter the complexity, our Kilgore, TX, sign repair technicians get your sign back in top shape, guaranteed.

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Electric Sign Repair In Kilgore, TX

Channel Letters

Whether your channel letters use neons or LEDs, SIGN MAN has the expertise to repair them. We also handle electrical system repairs, ensuring your business name can be seen both day and night.

Monument Signs

Keep your grand entrance looking grand with monument sign repairs. We repair all monument sign components, ensuring your sign remains a landmark.

Lit Pole Signs

Make sure customers don’t miss you at night. SIGN MAN keeps your business visible by repairing your lit pole sign.

Cabinet Signs

If your cabinet sign is malfunctioning or completely out, SIGN MAN can help. Our expert repairs keep your business shining brightly so it stays attractive to customers.

And More

No matter what type of sign your business has, SIGN MAN can repair it if it's broken. Contact us today for reliable sign repairs and keep your business looking its best.

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Commercial Sign Maintenance

LED Sign Repair in Kilgore, TX

LED signs are everywhere these days. But they’ve also gotten more complex which means even minor LED sign repairs require a professional.

At SIGN MAN, we're the go-to guys for all things LED sign repair for nearly two decades.

Our Kilgore, TX, sign repair company fixes:

  • LED Message Board Repairs: Keep your messages scrolling smoothly with our LED message board repairs for Kilgore, TX. We tackle any glitch on your LED message board.
  • Traditional LED Signage Repairs: From flickering lights to full outages, our experts can diagnose and fix any LED sign issue.
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Commercial Sign Repair

Electrical Sign Repair & Sign Maintenance In Kilgore, TX


Neon Sign Repair In Kilgore, TX

Neon signs have been stealing the spotlight since 1910. They’re a timeless classic, but fixing them is tricky.

At SIGN MAN, our sign repair technicians serving Kilgore, TX, handle any neon sign problem. Trust us to bring your neon sign back to life and keep your business looking great.

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Parking Lot Lighting Repair in Kilgore, TX

A dimly lit parking lot can be a safety hazard that turns customers away. SIGN MAN keeps Kilgore businesses well-lit and inviting with our parking lot light repair services.

Whether it's flickering bulbs or wiring issues, our Kilgore, TX, repairmen handle it all. Contact our parking lot light repair company today.

Parking Lot Light Repairs

Petroleum & Gas Price Sign Repair in Kilgore, TX

Keeping your gas station price sign accurate is crucial. At SIGN MAN, we’re your experts for petroleum and gas price sign repair in Kilgore, TX. Our technicians fix everything from glitchy displays to burnt-out bulbs, ensuring customers see the right price - every time.

Get your gas station sign looking great with reliable repairs from SIGN MAN.

Gas Price Sign Repairs

Sign Repair Throughout East Texas & Louisiana

SIGN MAN offers commercial sign repair in Longview TX, Tyler TX, Shreveport LA, Bossier City LA, Texarkana TX, Lufkin TX, Nacogdoches TX, and across East Texas!

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